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…And they’re off!

I know that for many of you, there may not be time to read this blog as we race to finish for the end of the public school year this week. I call it Christmas in June. There are more activities, plays, concerts, championship games, etc. going on than what seems like the whole previous year combined. Kids are excited for it to be done, but also stressed about finals, missing their friends and the unknown of the summer schedule. As parents, we are maybe not as excited to see the end of structured days, and are apprehensive about things like childcare, or becoming our children’s full time playmates.

With not a lot of time to think about next steps as we all rush around to buy donuts for end of year parties and register for last minute summer camps, here are just a few tips to help you keep your focus and keep things peaceful in your hectic house.

Have a great week!

Ten Reminders of How to Be a Proactive Parent

  1. Communicate clearly where your limits and boundaries are.
  2. Praise effort, not outcome.
  3. Actively listen to your child.
  4. Pay attention to your own body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions.
  5. Maintain your sense of humor.
  6. Choose your words carefully.
  7. Accept your child’s feelings, not necessarily their actions.
  8. Communicate realistic expectations concisely and clearly.
  9. Make sure when you tell your child to do something, you mean it.
  10. Pay attention to the positive.

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