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Congratulations Stepping Stones Graduates!

The school year is coming to a close and with that end comes the opportunity to reflect on all that our children have accomplished. At In Step, many of the groups that formed when school started, are also coming to an end. We have graduations and pizza parties and discuss the accomplishments of our kids and our parents who have worked so hard over the course of many months to make positive changes in their lives. We feel honored to be a part of that and want to share with you some of what our parents are writing to their children in their graduation letters. We hope you find it as inspirational as we do.

“Daddy and I are so proud of you for participating in and graduating from the Stepping Stones program. We know it wasn’t easy for you at first and you wished you could stay home, but as the weeks went by we saw you get more comfortable with the group…we have seen so many positive changes in your behavior and you are handling your anger so much better. You are so much more cooperative and are better at seeing the other person’s point of view. We know you have been trying harder at school and raising your hand more often. You are starting to let people see the real you and we are so happy that everyone is seeing the terrific girl that you are!”

“…you are such a smart boy and now you know how to be much more polite and say “excuse me” and not to interrupt people when they are talking. You are waiting your turn to speak and you are making friends. We are so glad to see that you have learned to tell people how you feel. It is hard to handle when you are upset, but you are doing so well by talking about it. Your dad and I have learned a lot about how to be better parents, too. We are talking about when we feel nervous so you know it is ok to feel that way sometimes, too.”

“…we are happiest with the increase in your self esteem. You seem to know yourself better-your strengths and weaknesses, and have a realistic view of the awesome person that you are. We love to see you walk with your head high and an air of confidence about you.”

“…We know it has been difficult at times to speak openly and honestly in front of the group about your feelings, but we think this has been so good for you. We see a difference in the way you interact at home and at school because you can let people know how you feel. Knowing you are not the only kid with ADHD and dealing with the issues that go along with that has helped our whole family.”

“…someone, just the other day, told me what a nice conversation they had with you and how attentive you were. You’re better at coping with people’s questions and at making eye contact when having a conversation. Of course you still speak your mind and tell it like it is, and that’s OK, but you have improved at accepting and responding to other people’s ideas and suggestions. You’re even better at dealing with your dad and sister!”


While these groups have graduated, we are already forming our summer groups and looking ahead to the fall. Some of the kids who worked with us this year are coming back to work with us again and others are taking the tools we have given them and striking out on their own with the support of their parents, teachers, doctors, counselors and new friends. In Step is proud to have been a part of their success and we hope to continue to be a resource for our families for years to come.


Cathi Cohen


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