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Drama Therapy: What is it?

In Step takes the time and strategic approach to each one of our client’s concerns and needs. Since every client is different, we utilize a variety of different methods that allows us to better communicate and get to the heart of the issue in an effective and meaningful manner. Often times, our clients have difficulty communicating the issue and have a hard time opening up in a verbal way. This is why our drama therapy programs are an invaluable service to our practice and our clients.

What is Drama Therapy?

Drama Therapy is the intentional use of theatre/drama processes to achieve therapeutic goals. This means that a typical session is spent “playing” with ideas rather than talking about them. This is a great alternative for those that have problems addressing their feelings through verbal communication. This method provides an outlet and space to process and reintegrate feelings in a way that incorporates movement and imagination. Clients have the opportunity to embody the different aspects of an emotion or issue and “act out” these roles in a safe place. Once this is done, our clinicians are able to develop a deeper understanding of certain issues and provide an individualized approach towards each client based off of the information the clinicians learn during the sessions.

In Step offers 6-week drama therapy groups over the summer with each week dealing with separate themes. This approach gives something for everyone and will help encourage group members to support one another through each new theme.

For more information, click the link on Drama Therapy camps. Call In Step today and register before summer arrives.


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