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Is the Merry Missing from Your Holidays?

Here are some ways to reduce your stress and bring back the joy.

  • Identify what is meaningful. Make room for what you enjoy, spend time with the people you love, and seek out what is most spiritually meaningful to you during the Holidays. Discard old traditions that are meaningless, and avoid rote tasks that are unnecessary and performed only because they have persisted over time.
  • Take care of yourself. This means making time for sleep, good nutrition, and exercise. Improve time management skills and take into account how plans and decisions will affect you. For example, try to travel when there will be less traffic on the roads, shop when the malls are less crowded, and turn down unnecessary requests.
  • Express your thoughts and feelings. Communicate about finances and expenses, share both your hopes and expectations, and reach out for emotional support when needed. If you let others know how you feel and what you need, you may get what you want.

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