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With Thanksgiving looming in just two days (with preparations always underway for many), try to set aside some time to think about what you are grateful for, no matter how big or small. For me, it’s a 140lb lap dog on a cold winter night.

This New York Times Op-Ed, “Choose to Be Grateful. It Will Make You Happier.” discusses how actively practicing gratitude can significantly improve life satisfaction and happiness. Being grateful includes appreciating both the big and the insignificant things, as well as both private gratitude spoken to yourself and public gratitude expressed towards others.

In concept, saying you’re grateful even if you’re not seems bourgeois and saccharine. But it’s actually a tool to a better end.

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Ann Dolin, of Educational Connections, has written an interesting article about the idea of motivation in teens (or lack thereof). What I love about it is that it comes directly from a young man who has struggled with this. His advice that no amount of bribery or yelling is going to help is one that is likely something we could all use a reminder of with our own teens.


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