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Comfort with Food vs Comfort Food

With the New Year comes a fresh batch of resolutions. Along with the more esoteric of the bunch-like spending more time sky-diving, or learning to speak Chinese-is the time honored tradition of losing weight. In many cases the addition of exercise comes the vilifying of food. So many people struggle with their feelings about what they eat, how much they eat, when they eat and whether or not to allow themselves any enjoyment around eating. It is certainly not easy to feel powerless in the face of something that we need to survive. As a therapist, I have treated so many clients for whom this is a source of constant frustration and I cannot say that I have always had an easy time with it myself.

In looking at all the diet articles and weight loss plans, it can feel overwhelming. So much of the advice that’s given talks about restricting certain foods, eating only a certain number of calories, and maintaining superhuman willpower. My feeling is that until you have a better understanding about why you make the choices you do, you are going to have a difficult time keeping off any weight that you do lose. Geneen Roth addresses some of these issues in an insightful way and I think it would beneficial to take a look at her article about the 7 guidelines to reaching your natural weight.

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