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Keep It Conscious

Shefali Tsabary Phd writes a lovely, thought provoking book that every parent should read.  “The Conscious Parent – Transforming Ourselves/Empowering Our Children” (Namaste Publishing, 2010) offers a soulful, spiritual approach to parenting.  Tsabary challenges parents to enter the world of parenting with eyes wide open, undistracted by the hurried pulse of every day life. She makes the case that our past is inextricably tied to the present, especially how we are as parents.  Having an awareness of these old tapes and messages is the only way to free ourselves from their power and influence.  In a straightforward and empathic way, Tsabary inspires her readers to parent consciously, “to become astute observers of our own behavior when we are with our children.  In this way we can begin to be aware of our unconscious scripts and emotional imprints so they arise in the moment.”

I like that Tsabary does not leave herself out of the struggle to become a more connected, loving parent.  She reassures us that the path to consciousness and acceptance is not a smooth or a short one. Moments of pure consciousness are fleeting and lovely, just like Tsabary’s book.

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