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Get Your Qi Flowing

Most of you already know, Dara, our Associate Director, but she is taking the Qi Gong class being offered in Sterling and has some fun insights on the experience. She contributes to the blog on occasion and this is one of hers.

Holding a grudge? Maybe it’s your liver’s fault…

Haven’t ever thought of your liver as the source of angst? Well think again. I’m taking the Qi-Gong (chee-gong) class that is being offered at our Sterling office and apparently, the resentment I feel at the person who ate the yogurt I brought to work is being housed in my liver.
Have you noticed all these people doing cleanses and eating more leafy greens? We seem to instinctively know that spring is a time to get the gunk out. Chinese medicine tells us that this is the season we should focus on detoxing and purifying our liver. It has the honor of being the control center of our Qi (chee), which is our essential life force. It is the energy that flows through our bodies and keeps everything balanced and working its best.
The four of us in the class worked through several exercises to push out the toxins and bring in the healing energy of the universe to clean out our livers and help us stop snapping at the other drivers on our daily commute. I get that some of you may be thinking, “this is a little too woo, woo for me”, but maybe you can just think about the last time you felt really good. Were you eating junk food, being sloth-like, and harboring resentment? I doubt it.

So I say, bring on the woo woo and get your Qi on! Your liver will thank you.

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