School Starter Group

Summertime is when we start thinking about our children returning to school in the fall, and this six-week school preparation group is a great way to help your child get off to a good start. Whether your child is generally anxious, socially challenged, or has difficulty making transitions, he or she will benefit from thinking proactively about the new school year.

The group focuses on identifying anxieties, dealing with teachers and peers, making a good first impression, problem-solving skills, and ways to prevent teasing. Each child will set specific, realistic goals for themselves for the new year. For those kids who have completed the Stepping Stones program, this is a good refresher course; for those who have never been a part of a social skills program, this is a great introduction. A concurrently running parent group helps parents reinforce behaviors and assist their child in preparing for school.


Groups meet once a week in the evening for six weeks.
For more information about our School Starter group, please contact us.

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