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Happy Mother’s Day

Recently, Salima Jiwa, LCSW, one of our In Step clinicians, took a trip to New York to attend a workshop on the relationship between herself and her daughters. She was deeply inspired by this experience and wanted to share some of her thoughts.

Happy Mother’s Day

As I celebrate mother’s day and honor the women who have influenced, inspired and educated me, I am also consciously aware that the person I am today has been deeply shaped by my three children. Their willingness to hold up a mirror to me is what prompted me to eventually evaluate my words, actions and emotions. Initially looking in the mirror was something I resisted – after all, I was the adult and knew better. However the combination of their tenacity and my desire for deep connection led the way for me to start looking in the mirror. Today we are all evolving into beings who authentically connect, communicate and love.

Last week my middle school daughter and I took a trip to Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY to attend a Mothering and Daughtering workshop with 64 other mothers and daughters from around the nation, who are also searching for deep connection and bonding throughout the teen years. Sil and Eliza Reynolds are the dynamic mother and daughter team who wrote the book Mothering and Daughtering, and created the workshop which focused on the need for strong connection between mother and daughter during the teen years. This book has had a great deal of influence on my relationships and I encourage all mothers to take the brave step towards incredible love, connection, and authenticity with themselves and with those that they love.

Salima Jiwa, LCSW

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