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How Do Girls Get Girl Power?

Even though cultural attitudes have changed a lot since our mothers were growing up, it’s still not a given that our daughters will mature into confident, resilient, and courageous women.

Phyllis Fagell, a school counselor and mother of a 13-year-old, wrote a recent article in the Washington Post addressing the challenges of raising a girl who learns to believe in herself, especially when she’s navigating the emotional minefield known as middle school.

Fagell recommends finding out what your daughter wants to accomplish (beyond that day’s homework assignment). What fills her with passion (other than her current crush)? She distills wide-ranging topics into 7 tips that can help guide your approach and launch a conversation with your daughter:

  • Don’t Try to Be Perfect
  • Identify Mentors
  • Own Your Own Success
  • Manage Your Money
  • Strive for Self-Care
  • Stick Up For Yourself
  • Don’t Let Anyone Define Your Goals

Check out her article where she discusses each tip in detail and provides further resources.

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