Parenting Workshops & Presentations

In Step clinicians have delivered hundreds of presentations and workshops to local and national organizations, associations, private, and public schools. Our customized workshops are relaxed, interactive, and informative. Most importantly, our presentations contain solid “how to” information that can be used immediately by parents and professionals alike.

For parents

Below are the links to a few PowerPoint presentations:



The following is a list of some of our more popular speaking topics:

BFF (best friends forever)—How to Make ‘Em, How to Keep ‘Em   Helping your child make and maintain friends

Just How Stressed Out is My Kid?  Strategies for managing childhood anxiety

Stop Ribbing Your Sibling!  Strategies to Handle Sibling Rivalry

Let’s Talk!   Staying connected with your tween and teen

Help Me!   Parenting your AD/HD child with confidence

Building Bridges   Coping with divorce

My High Functioning Autistic Child   Formerly Asperger Syndrome

Raise Your Child’s Self-Esteem   Resiliency

Bully Busters   Bullying

Our therapists have a breadth of experience and expertise, so if you’re interested in a specific topic, we may be able to provide a speaker. Ask us!