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Ah. Vacation.

Oy. Coming back.

My friends and I call this “reentry”. Whatever the definition of that word is in the dictionary, there should really be a picture of a parent ripping their hair out. While vacation brings the promise of relaxation, spontaneity, and less laundry, coming back seems to mean testy kids, mountains of wash and empty refrigerators. Even though it’s nice to be home, there is that period just between away and back in the saddle that can be maddening. Here are a few tips to keep from burning up on reentry:

  1. Try to work in a day between vacation and going back to work. Come home on Saturday if Monday is your restart day. Use Sunday to shake the wiggles out, get some food in the house and reestablish routines.

  3. Don’t go it alone. Engage the family in restoring normalcy. Assign bigger kids tasks like hauling luggage and starting wash. Ask younger ones to write down the things they like to eat to start your grocery list. Delegating will make you feel less resentful. Nobody likes to work while others lounge and eat Cheetos.

  5. Give yourself a free day the following weekend. Playing catch-up with your life can be exhausting, so take a weekend day to sleep in, leisurely drink a cup of coffee, catch up on items around the house, or do nothing at all. Encourage your kids to do the same.

  7. If you have food delivery services in your area-like Peapod-schedule them to come the day you get home or the morning after. Having staples arrives at your door will keep you from having to run out the day you get home. It increases the chances you will restart healthy habits (and keeps you from having to rock/paper/scissors for who has to go to the market)

  9. Sleep! There is no substitute for getting a good nights rest. Travel, different food, changes in routine, can all mess with your body. Sleep is a great way to put it right. That way you can have the energy to plan your next vacation.

If you have any other ideas, I would love to hear them.


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