Special Education Services: Northern Virginia

Sometimes parents need extra support in navigating through their school system to insure that their child receives the academic and social support he or she requires. In Step clinicians act as consultants to parents in the area of Special Education Services and to schools in developing Individualized Educational Plans for children with special education needs. We’ll work with parents and school staff in the development of IEP and 504 documents to insure that students’ needs are being appropriately met and monitored within the school system. We can help by

  • participating in eligibility meetings for special education services;
  • reviewing special education records to insure they accurately reflect the needs of the child;
  • participating in the development or review of IEP or 504 plans;
  • participating in meetings for appropriate educational placement of children;
  • participating in parent/teacher administrative meetings to address parent and/or school concerns.


Pre-School Services

A growing number of pre-school aged children are being referred to us to address both behavioral concerns and social skills development. We provide consultation to pre-school programs upon request. Staff skilled in working with pre-school aged children are able to provide the following services:

  • classroom observation
  • consultation with pre-school teachers
  • development of a behavioral program with parents and school staff to address individual children’s behavioral difficulties


Please contact us for more information about these services.

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