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What is EQ and Why is it Important?

We all know what IQ stands for, but do you know what EQ stands for and why it can be important in your child’s educational development? Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a measure of how effectively a child controls his or her emotions in a learning environment. In other words, how well a child self-regulates his or her emotions. Some educational philosophies (Canada and Finland are implementing this approach) believe that play based learning at an early age is more important than the standard US educational model because it helps children learn how to control their emotions which eventually leads to better, more focused and happier students. It is a stark departure from the model we grew up with and the model our children are being educated with, but nonetheless it is an interesting approach and one that parents can implement at home to help their child’s development.

This article explains the difference between IQ and EQ and why it matters.


Cathi Cohen, LCSW, CGP

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