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What Would Wonder Woman Do?

At the box office, June has belonged to Wonder Woman. Her blockbuster story has sparked a lot of conversation, some of it about how awesome girl power is, and the choices Wonder Woman makes about how to use it.

Without a doubt, Wonder Woman is a force to be reckoned with.
Gal Gadot, the actress who plays her, chooses to use her stunning self confidence and impressive powers to fight human cruelty. She’s tough, but still tender, her power is tempered by compassion and she prefers peace over conflict.

I think the cool thing about her, and this movie, is that it makes a compelling conversation starter at the dinner table. Earlier this month there was an article in the New York Times with the title, “Asking Girls and Boys, What Would Wonder Woman Do?” The author, Lisa Damour, poses an interesting question: What is the purpose of having power?
If your kids are old enough to answer, start by asking them what they think power is for. When have they seen it used for good, and when have they witnessed it being abused?

Offer up your point of view on power. How would you (or do you) use it? What about bullying— a painful example in kids’ lives of how power hurts people. Ask your kids to consider what they would do if they saw a classmate being bullied. Would they pretend they didn’t see it happening or would they take action and let an adult know about the situation? How about the difference between being assertive and aggressive? When is it okay to fight for what you believe? Is it ever right to force someone to do something?

Wonder Woman is not only a win for girls, and a great piece of cinematic entertainment, it’s also a reason to talk about how this indomitable super-hero uses her might to make right.

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